MAJESTIC RV and rental for motorsports



Making a Majestic RV your base for UK motorsport meetings makes these thrilling events even more exciting. At the end of a day experiencing the revving of engines and the roar of the crowds, you won’t have far to go to reach the best pitstop you’ll ever experience.

Incredibly popular with motorsport drivers, teams and sponsors, Majestic RVs offer the ultimate in luxurious accommodation, plus the opportunity to be nearer to the action. You can be trackside within minutes of leaving your ‘front door’!

Just turn up to your spacious and comfortable RV with all facilities operating smoothly. There’s nothing for you to do but enjoy yourself and soak up the incredible atmosphere – or, if you’re a driver or rider, concentrate on winning!

Please note: Our motorhomes are not available for self-driving.

For more details on booking a Majestic RV – the perfect accommodation solution, call us on +44 07850 488079 or use the contact form below.