MAJESTIC RV and rental
for Film / Tv



At Majestic RV we know flexibility and dependability are key for film and TV industry location RV hire – and that’s exactly the service we provide, across the UK and Europe – one call from your production manager and job done. We work closely with film, TV and music production companies, to provide the perfect location accommodation vehicle – well-equipped, spacious and comfortable, with whatever level of support you require.

Whether it be a weekend or a long-term, multi-vehicle rental, Majestic RVs are efficiently delivered to the required location by our team of professional drivers, who will, prior to the arrival of crew and artistes, set up the accommodation with everything required, including AC, TVs, Wi-Fi and state-of-the-art sound systems, plus any other facilities that you may have specifically requested. With time at a premium it’s good to know that the creative work can start from the get-go, thanks to Majestic RV’s premium service.
For more details on booking a Majestic RV – the perfect accommodation solution, call us on +44 7786 368210 or use the contact form below.